French Dressing II

Well, I’m wearing my only pair of jeans and a black turtleneck. I have a doctor’s appt to go to. I’ve bought a new bathing suit, and a hunter’s orange watch cap, but haven’t bought any other new clothing.

I’ve pitched a few more pieces, and located my old black bag. The bag looks fine, but I’m not used to carrying a purse any more and mostly leave it at home.

The watch cap matches my winter coat and the bathing suit matches my bathing cap. Otherwise, the clothing purge/design is stalled. I found a video that the young lady who wrote the book did about her clothes. The video is nice, but everything she talked about seemed appropriate for where she is/her age and place in life (she has kids, husband) and I don’t, except the husband. I have winter clothes which are needed, foundations, just clothes, and outer wear. The foundations/outer wear are excluded from her list, but I live on the other side of the country and what she does won’t work for me. Not to mention that I’m just not interested in wearing designer clothing. I consider it a waste of money. I’ve bought designer clothes, but I’d rather just get LLBean or Coldwater Creek or something similiar.

I decided I’d do the 10 pieces for each of 2 seasons. I still haven’t managed this, but it’s a lot more realistic!

I’m still culling things and finding stored items to consider. With the new suit, I’ve also been swimming again,  if I do enough of that it will cause yet another wrinkle, as I’ll likely lose some of my girth.

So this is in flux, not completely dead, but I haven’t gotten to my goal either, which can be said about all sorts of things I’m doing!


4 responses to “French Dressing II

  1. I’m hoping to lose weight so that I can fit back into some of my clothing 🙂

    • I hear you! Even when I contemplated the absolute clothing purge earlier this year, I put aside the $300 summer shift I got for $75 and my silk “suit” which are separates which all match, long sleeved, shells, long skirt, vest, etc. all from the same maker, bought over time. When I can fit into them, it gives me an entire summer wardrobe. The shift also fits with some of the pieces. Fancy, summer wardrobe I got, if I can lose 10 lbs. or the inches.

      The day to day wardrobe is much harder, as it has to be sturdy, look good, and fairly cheap!

      I hope we both manage to lose the weight and/or inches!

      • Amen! We got a dog a month ago, and he’s an active guy, so that’s got me walking 2-3 times a day 🙂 Hopefully that will give me some momentum 🙂

      • I hope that works! I’ started swimming again a couple of weeks ago. Since I have a bad back I have to make haste slowly when I’m resuming exercise. So I’ve only gone once a week for 2 weeks. I’ll go at least once this week, maybe twice, or that’s the plan anyway!

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