What’s Up

I’m working on the backlogged projects: cleaning my office, the kitchen book, etc.

  • I have a boatload of books to process, as per usual. I put about 100 more out at the old booth Saturday. We’ll see how the sale goes!
  • The new booth is off to a rousing start, one of the two most expensive pieces sold the first day. Yeah! That paid for the booth, for the moment. Let’s hope it lasts!
  • The anthology is in the gathering/winnowing stage, that is, we’ve got a batch of stories, we’re figuring how to group them, which stays in this category, not in that one, etc.
  • I went swimming today for the first time in WAY too long. I’ve desparately needed some exercise, and I finally got some. I intend to do it again, soon! (I bought a new suit on Saturday, haven’t figured out wtf I did with the old one, yet.)
  • I have to finalize the garden design in the next week or so.
  • And, I’ve been working on the kitchen book, again – something else that’s way overdue.

I guess you could say I’m pushing my limits a bit and trying to get a lot of work done — all good things, yes?

I hope we all have a pleasant and productive week!



2 responses to “What’s Up

  1. I just hope that wherever the bathing suit is, that it’s dry. I went swimming one time and couldn’t find the bathing suit afterwards. I thought I left it at the pool. Nope, it was in the side zipper on my bag for at least a week… ewww…

    • I’m pretty sure it’s dry. The reason it gets out of my swim bag to begin with is so that it gets hung up. It was last seen in the laundry room, where I hang it to dry. Dunno since then!

      So, I think it must be, wherever it is!

      Thanks —

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