I did it!

Even with the buying spree I went on today I made the target number OUT for January!

I bought china, a fair amount of china. I have this weakness for old restaurant dishes — they last forever. The problem? They last forever, so when you buy a lot of them you KEEP a lot of them.

The “old” booth is now MOSTLY books, but there are built-in bookcases at the back of it. I have a fair amount of restaurant dishes I’d like to sell and fortunately, or not, one of my prime sources of the stuff is just down the street from the new booth. So I stopped on one of trips between the storage and the new booth, and was bad, sigh.

Six of the dishes were maybe for the house,  but none are staying here. Some of the returned dishes (previously offered for sale, no sale) have been repriced with lower prices and will go back to the booth.

So, yes, I bought a fair amount of dishes today (14? 18? dunno, I’d have to go look at the tally!) but I intend to pack all that I bought AND a fair amount of other stuff that’s already here OUT and into the booth.

In any case, I hope it will SELL!

Also, I’m starting a new “bulk” buy sale on the books. Buy 20 or more and they’re all 1/2 off. Hopefully it will work wonders and a LOT of books will be sold.

Obviously, I’m still busy-busy! Got around 100 pieces to catalog, price, tag etc before 8 a.m. tomorrow. Gotta go!

2013 target smaller Jan 31


2 responses to “I did it!

  1. WTG on making your target, Cuz!

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