More moving, more reoganization, more stuff, more . . .

The table is ready to be moved from the attic! I need help to get it out, down the stairs and into the car. I could do it myself, but that’s what partners are for. It’s dirty and more banged up than I remember, so I’ll sell or donate (or ?) it after it gets used in this time. I don’t mind a few scratches here and there, but almost everywhere you rent space you can find/rent tables or sawhorses & sheets of plywood. The table was bought 25+ years ago when I thought I’d be doing lots of shows, and I did, and I’ve gotten a fair amount of use out of it, but not since I closed the store. Having it rot in the attic isn’t productive!

My last job with the table today is to clean it, so I don’t have to tomorrow. Done!

My main job today is to get everything ready for tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appt. and will then move everything into the new booth. When I’m done (if I’m not completely exhausted) I’ll move some more stuff  from the old storage unit to the new. I’ll be in/out of the storage a few times tomorrow anyway, probably.

I found two unopened packages of BRIGHT blue paper in the attic. I’ll use them for signage in the booths. I’d bought them for sale announcements, etc. for the shop. How or why they got packed away intact I do not know, but there they were. I’m going to use them up!

After I got the table staged to go, I worked on the new bead organization in my office. I’ll post a pic when I get it done, but right now, it’s a mess, twixt & between – my feet got completely numb, so I had to quit just standing there sorting beads & organizing little packages of stuff. I have given up on the idea that there is only 2 pop crates worth of beads in this house – hardly. Like everything else, if I have something? I have a LOT of it! When I was working in the attic today I found another BOX of it, sigh. Okay, okay. So we’ll reorganize the bead collection and make it neat!

I had to move the beads anyway, they had been in front of the window, and I have plans for that space. I’m not just stashing things in my office this year, like last, I’m going to actually make the space so I can USE it, although I really do need to get a chair in there to save my feet.

I’m busy!


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