Going Through Boxes and the Great Potato Search (ongoing)

Because of the storage move, I decided I needed to work in the attic too. For one thing, the table I want to use in the new booth is about ½ down the attic. At the moment there’s no way to extract it. For another, I’d like to store more of the misc. items  in the attic, and you can barely get in there, much less store anything! It isn’t full, it’s just messy. I started that job yesterday.

The first two boxes I pulled out had holiday junk: pumpkins, hearts, Christmas banners, etc. I separated the keeps, added the paper pumpkins to the “fall collection” items (I’ve been buying things discounted for resale in the fall). I’d already started boxing these. Added a box, made sure they had lids and were labeled The resale valentine pieces are staged for the antique store; they’re done.

The keeps included some brass hearts, 2 Christmas banners, and a glass pumpkin. All I have to do is clear the top of where the Christmas stuff is stored and I’ll be able to put that stuff away. The hearts were added to the other valentine’s items, in a misc. holidays box, currently in the living room, unfortunately.

The 3rd box was full of books, now cataloged and the books sorted: outs, keeps, online sales, antique shop sales, or wholesale. All sorted and boxed. No piles!

If sorting a stack of 4 boxes (top box = empty cooler) was always this quick & easy, I’d have gotten through more of them long ago!

This morning I’ve been searching online for organic potatoes, well, organic seed potatoes, NOT potato seed. Given our short season, whatever help I can get to speed things up is a plus. That means planting seed potatoes instead of potato seeds. Since I’m only growing organic this year, that makes this significantly harder. Few companies sell seed potatoes, fewer still sell organic ones.

Fortunately, years ago I filled out a Mother Earth News survey about where I got my seeds and garden supplies. Included in that survey was a LONG list of seed/plant companies. I copied and saved the list. Some have gone out of business, but it’s still a large list. I got A-H before I quit for lunch.

It’s pretty quick, as I’m eliminating all the Canadian companies (never found one that will ship to the U.S.) and anyone who doesn’t carry organic seed potatoes. Still it takes time going through each catalog.

More to do!


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