Less stuff & More chocolate

We stopped at a bank on the way home today to use an ATM. Next door there was an independent chocolate place, which was open, so of course I had to go in!

The sign in the window read, “Real Hot Chocolate” and it was! No palmanated, instantized powder blown into the cup with pre-measured, steaming tap water.

It was wonderful!

We were offered a sample, either milk chocolate ganache or a chocolate truffle. I took the truffle– now I make ganache at home!

We had a good time today, saw many friends, got rid of a few books & other stuff, and found a new source for wonderful chocolate. I mean, really, what else can you ask for?

The chocolate place was in Boston, in Framingham? Their name is Chocolate Therapy. I DO recommend their hot chocolate and I recommend their chili chocolate too, very smooth with cinnamon and a spicy tang that catches up to you rather than assaults your taste buds!


If life would just grant me good friends and great chocolate each weekend,  I think I could manage to struggle through the rest of the week! 😀

2013 target smaller Jan 20


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