New Directions

I’ve been buying stuff — but I’ve also been doing other things too — namely, I’ve been getting new places to store and sell stuff!

Yesterday I contracted for a new booth and rented the 2nd (smaller) storage unit. The plan is to move some of the larger pieces into the new booth, where hopefully they’ll sell, and move things around in the old booth.

To that end, I started moving things from the old storage to the new one, especially things I’m interested in selling in the new booth. I’ve bought some small stuff for both booths. We’ll  scatter the new stuff in the booths, hopefully increasing the old booth’s sales and helping the new start off with a BANG.

We’ll see! What I’ve been buying comes off my purged total, so my deduction isn’t as good as it has been at the beginning of this month. I need to stay home and stop buying stuff if I want the total to keep going the way it was!

I’ll update the tally right after I publish this, so it should be up to date real soon.

Happy weekend all! 😀

2013 target smaller Jan 18


3 responses to “New Directions

  1. Does that mean that you’re planning on downsizing to the smaller unit you’ve got now?

    • Yes it does! Hopefully in the next 2 weeks or so I can either price/put out for sale or purge enough stuff to move the remaining boxes from the larger unit to the smaller one. This is one size smaller than the one I had, which was one size smaller than the one I had along with it and closed in Oct. 2010.

      When I get this done, we will be paying < $100 a month for storage, the first time in — 20 years?

      Lonnnnnnnnnng time anyway.

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