Goals 2013

Okay, I’ll admit it. I am addicted to ONE blog, just one. Considering how many writers I know (almost all of whom have blogs) the fact that I get anything done, except reading blogs is a act of discipline! That isn’t to say that I don’t look at other blogs and read them, but I do that on a fill-in basis, even blogs I subscribe to, all of them, except this one:


For one thing, Suzanne (the blogger) keeps pushing her limits, something I admire. I’m not much on “Let’s eat exotic foods” or “Let’s make these cutesy thingys” or stuff like that, although I look at them. I subscribe to at least one craft blog and a few others about rural life, but Suzanne at chickens keeps me cheering for her and laughing, and so I go back, again and again.

She does a year in review in January, and sets goals for the next year. It seemed to me I should do that too, so here are mine:

1)Get one of the books or two short pieces finished, edited, polished and start marketing same (mine only).

1a)Get the book I’m co-editing to the publisher and sell enough copies to make a little something from the work.

1b)Get one of the e-publish pieces finished and available on the web. [I have at least 3 of these too, unfinished.]

2)Make cards for sale at the booth, at least 4 times. For any holiday or occasion: spring, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Graduation, Moms, Dads, Grads, Thank You, Birthdays – WHATEVER – just do it!

3)Grow plants from seed to starts, see if this works. (The last time I tried they all damped off, that is, died.)

4)Make my numbers for the year, on time, for at least 3 months?

5)Start swimming at least once a week again.


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