Found a stash

of diner plates to resell the other day, bought 10. They’re currently in the dishwasher and will go to the antique store this afternoon. There’s some books ready to go too, and their tags are all printed as well. AND I have a batch of books to donate in the car at the first convenient location — thrift shop, dump, library donation bin, other book donation site. I don’t care, the first place I see; they’re gone!

Beyond that I have no plans other than to keep processing stuff. We’re getting warmer weather here this weekend, so I’ll work on the storage transfer then.

I got up this a.m. and completely cleared the bathroom counter, wiped it down and removed duplicate stuff: extra tubes of first aid cream (we only need 1 at a time, right?), dental floss, etc. Put all the “this doesn’t belong here” stuff on the bed. My plan is to deal with it COMPLETELY — that is, put it AWAY before I let myself get involved in another project of any size.

I seem to have stopped backsliding!


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