Working on the needed daily plan and eventual plan

Obviously, what I need right now to plan is getting rid of the X thousand extra pieces of stuff we’re storing. The long-range plan includes moving possibly to a farm elsewhere and other life-style changes. One change I know I want, with or without a farm, is to grow more of our food.

I went to a lecture today on safe food handling for produce, from field to market. I learned a lot, and  it was well worth going. I got a book and handouts full of interesting information about produce crops, wholesaling same, etc.

I have no plans to sell crops, but it’s a time-honored family tradition that when you want information about something, ask people whose business it is, or whose business it affects.

My father, for example, when he needed a new refrigerator, went and talked to the biologists where he worked. (Biologists always have refrigerators full of refrigerated organisms.) Dad asked what brand or variety of refrigerator they used? What was the most reliable? [Researchers rarely have enough money  for bells & whistles, they need capital equipment that WORKS, as cheaply as possible. And that’s true whether it’s a refrigerator or other equipment.]

I should have remembered this last year when we bought ours, sigh. [I didn’t.]

Years ago, I started looking for the food information I couldn’t find in cook books, etc. from professional sources. I haven’t found exactly what I wanted  but I’ve found data that enabled me to figure out some of it out and learned why I couldn’t find the rest.

I’m on a mailing list for conservation & farming. I own the yield/measure book that is the current culinary standard, and I read, not as much as I should, spread sheets & other data from the USDA.

And after years of this, I know a bit of food trivia, which is occasionally useful. In other words, I’m a food nut. Food systems and history fascinate me. Food impacts human history over and over, whether it’s feast/famine, technology or other factors. Without it we can’t live and much of the planet doesn’t have enough, while we live in the midst of a cheap, mostly bad for you glut of the stuff.


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