After all the asst. cleaning I’d done, then cooking, then purging around the holidays, as I said, I’ve gotten very little done since. In short, I backslid, for 5 days? The first few DH was going great guns, so I just helped him.

Sunday I went to the dump and to the storage. I left some things off at the swap shop, grabbed 5 trays of books, and sold some books (and bought 1) from the bookstore.

I need to get through the 5 trays quickly, as I’m going back to the storage Tuesday.

There are 2 or 3 places in the nearby town where I can donate books, and if we’re going to move the storage by the middle of the month, I have to get through a lot of stuff or we’ll never make it. So my job all day Monday is going to be to process as much as I can, doubletime!

I got through a handful of the books this evening, then worked on the kitchen, I’d set myself the task of clearing one counter and hadn’t been home to do it, so it got done. Monday, in addition to doing the marathon book processing, the other counter is scheduled to be cleared off again. As I said, I’ve backslid!

Can’t now; I’m too busy!


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