I did very little.

Yesterday was a skate day, that is, After the rush at the end of the year and the beginning of 2013, I decided it was fine to take it a bit easy. Accordingly, I got rid of very little yesterday and the tally reflects this.

I did go to the antique store yesterday and priced a bunch of little stuff that had been hanging around the living room for some time. If any of it sells, I’ll be grateful to not have to deal with it again! If not, it’s going away, as soon as I can manage it.

I did, as I almost always do, pull things OUT of the booth too. This morning I’m going to a church thrift/consignment shop. Hopefully I can donate or consign some of the pulled items, and they won’t be brought back into the house. If I can’t, then they’ll come in and go straight to the recycle basket.

Even though I didn’t do a major cull yesterday, I did my job: stuff management. I will be grateful when this is a one-day-a-week task rather than something that takes up most of my time,

I am frankly just about ready to call Salvation Army or rent a dumpster. Blah.

Otherwise? I have a book and a video tape to mail, stuff to catalog and price.

I think between the consignment/trash and other culls I’ve probably made the first section of the new target, not bad for 4 days into the year. Hopefully, that will energize me into doing more.

Will this process ever end?


2 responses to “I did very little.

  1. Truthfully, it never really ends. I always have a donation box on the go. But it certainly will take up significantly less of your time as you move forward. Decisions will come easier, and you will feel energized. Keep going! 🙂

    • I don’t realistically expect it to change, but I am bored with it being my fulltime job! I frequently feel like Sisyphus these days and it’s depressing turning $1,000.00 into $100.00 if I’m lucky. Sort of like the girl who was supposed to spin straw into gold, in reverse.

      Thanks again for the encouragement!

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