January Sales

For years, I’ve been compiling calendars of what’s on sale/when. I’m always looking for ways to save a buck too. Here’s a few of those.


It’s time for January white sales of course, so linens are on sale. Also there’s the post-Christmas season sales (find candles, party goods, etc.) and pre-inventory sales (usually begins in the middle of the month). You can find many filing/office supplies, organizers and other organization or storage items and purses on sale this month too.


Below are two tips for saving money in chain restaurants, got one to add? If you go to STARBUCKS and get a “tall” coffee, think you’re saving money by getting the smallest cup they sell, right? No. You’re getting the smallest size on the menu. Order a “short” instead! At FIVE GUYS hamburgers, if you order a regular hamburger, you get 2 patties. Order a “junior” and get only one patty, for about $1 less.


Avocado, eggs, spinach. And these are the cheapest they’ll be for a bit: chicken, lemon, and iceburg lettuce.


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