Office Purging and a Political Rant

DH continued the office purge yesterday and we counted all of it, except the box of trash paper. That will be counted on today. I’d already posted the total and was too tired to do that later.

Also went to the antique store yesterday. No new sales (although I need to look at the book and get some inventory numbers & data from 12/26/12.) I pulled some things to take to the dump/donate today, so those will show up on today’s list as well. I’m drinking my 1st cup of coffee today and I know I’ve got enough for my day’s total. Interesting feeling! Very different from last year, when I started behind, and stayed that way for most of the year!

[Begin rant.] Otherwise, I’m disgusted that our congress critters took the country to the hairy edge and although they finally did manage to do their jobs enough to find a compromise (in my opinion, that IS their job, finding compromises) about money matters, they still managed to stuff it full of their own pork barrel projects. There are times I really think our founding fathers did it wrong when they didn’t give us the chance to vote the folks out on a moment’s notice, like in a parliamentary system. I mean, REALLY! Or, maybe we should just get a federal law passed that says if you hold federal office once you can’t work in or around the government, agencies, etc. on the federal level for 10 years? Dunno, but I’m disgusted at their two-faced posturing about being moral and doing what’s best for the country while making sure they’re funding their own pet projects. [End of rant.]


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