We’re off!

Last year I multiplied the year by 5, so it gets multiplied by 6 this year.

2013*6= 12, 078

To get the extra 2,000+ onto a target, I had to add a ring. Also I ‘ll do a few things differently this year:

  • 1)I’ll fill the target from the outer rings in.
  • 2)I won’t put numbers in the spaces, but fill it with one color, haven’t decided which color yet. Bright red maybe?
  • 3)I’m tracking stuff (started this a few days ago) in a “record” book, meant for keeping business accounts. Hopefully this will stop the errors I had in 2012 caused by trying to do math with numbers I couldn’t see. [I had to flip back & forth between windows.]

Twelve thousand and seventy-eight divided into 12 equal chunks is 1007 (1006.5 actually), so that’s how many I should get rid of each month. If you divide that by 30, it’s 34 (33.55 actually) and that’s how many I should purge daily. We’ll see how close I get!

Here’s the new target, completely blank. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m filling in sections!

2013 target smaller copy3 copy

As a part of my annual housecleaning, I deleted all the files except the first and last of the targets for 2012. I’ll also edit the rest of 2012’s tally down to one line per month, sometime soon. [Done 1/1/13]

Too bad I can’t count that!

The history page would be too cluttered if I left the 2012 data there, even in an abbreviated form. I’ll create an archive page for that data.


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