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I did it!

Even with the buying spree I went on today I made the target number OUT for January!

I bought china, a fair amount of china. I have this weakness for old restaurant dishes — they last forever. The problem? They last forever, so when you buy a lot of them you KEEP a lot of them.

The “old” booth is now MOSTLY books, but there are built-in bookcases at the back of it. I have a fair amount of restaurant dishes I’d like to sell and fortunately, or not, one of my prime sources of the stuff is just down the street from the new booth. So I stopped on one of trips between the storage and the new booth, and was bad, sigh.

Six of the dishes were maybe for the house,  but none are staying here. Some of the returned dishes (previously offered for sale, no sale) have been repriced with lower prices and will go back to the booth.

So, yes, I bought a fair amount of dishes today (14? 18? dunno, I’d have to go look at the tally!) but I intend to pack all that I bought AND a fair amount of other stuff that’s already here OUT and into the booth.

In any case, I hope it will SELL!

Also, I’m starting a new “bulk” buy sale on the books. Buy 20 or more and they’re all 1/2 off. Hopefully it will work wonders and a LOT of books will be sold.

Obviously, I’m still busy-busy! Got around 100 pieces to catalog, price, tag etc before 8 a.m. tomorrow. Gotta go!

2013 target smaller Jan 31

More moving, more reoganization, more stuff, more . . .

The table is ready to be moved from the attic! I need help to get it out, down the stairs and into the car. I could do it myself, but that’s what partners are for. It’s dirty and more banged up than I remember, so I’ll sell or donate (or ?) it after it gets used in this time. I don’t mind a few scratches here and there, but almost everywhere you rent space you can find/rent tables or sawhorses & sheets of plywood. The table was bought 25+ years ago when I thought I’d be doing lots of shows, and I did, and I’ve gotten a fair amount of use out of it, but not since I closed the store. Having it rot in the attic isn’t productive!

My last job with the table today is to clean it, so I don’t have to tomorrow. Done!

My main job today is to get everything ready for tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appt. and will then move everything into the new booth. When I’m done (if I’m not completely exhausted) I’ll move some more stuff  from the old storage unit to the new. I’ll be in/out of the storage a few times tomorrow anyway, probably.

I found two unopened packages of BRIGHT blue paper in the attic. I’ll use them for signage in the booths. I’d bought them for sale announcements, etc. for the shop. How or why they got packed away intact I do not know, but there they were. I’m going to use them up!

After I got the table staged to go, I worked on the new bead organization in my office. I’ll post a pic when I get it done, but right now, it’s a mess, twixt & between – my feet got completely numb, so I had to quit just standing there sorting beads & organizing little packages of stuff. I have given up on the idea that there is only 2 pop crates worth of beads in this house – hardly. Like everything else, if I have something? I have a LOT of it! When I was working in the attic today I found another BOX of it, sigh. Okay, okay. So we’ll reorganize the bead collection and make it neat!

I had to move the beads anyway, they had been in front of the window, and I have plans for that space. I’m not just stashing things in my office this year, like last, I’m going to actually make the space so I can USE it, although I really do need to get a chair in there to save my feet.

I’m busy!

Almost There!

Since this year my target is 12, 078 items out and there’s 12 months in the year, obviously I need to get rid of approx. 1,000 items a month (1007 to be exact). Right now, I’ve got 900+ items out (1/28). So today I’ve earned the 3rd target section for the month. Getting that last 100 and some odd in the next 4 days shouldn’t be a problem!

2013 target smaller Jan 28

NOT a good week

Two days ago, I misjudged something, butted my nose in where I shouldn’t have. The details don’t matter, what matters is that I lost a lot of self-esteem and credibilty in one piece of idiocy.

That upset me so much I went into a full -fledged flashback, which resulted in a corresponding bout of rage. Finally got to sleep around 3 am.

Yesterday when I woke determined that I would be BETTER. I got up, had a shower, decided I was going to go swimming. Push-push-push — I was NOT going to be depressed. I was going to be HEALTHY!

Around noon, when the pool is available for lap swim, my hair was wet, my clothes were wet and it was a balmy 14 degrees.

I’ll go to evening swim. At 4 or so I grab my swim bag (which has been hanging on a door knob lo these many months when I haven’t been swimming) Make sure everything I need is in there . . .

No swim suit in the bag.

Hunted for it for about 15 minutes; no suit. Have NO idea where it is???

Okay, healthy-healthy! Do something constructive. I made dinner.

I really, really wanted needed that swim.

Do something constructive — NOW! So I decide to start pulling together the year-end accounting data for the taxes.

I can’t find the data base???

OMG no data base!

I spent until 1 am LAST night paging through the various search results. Nada. How am I going to reconstruct 2012 for my taxes? What am I going to do? How will I proceed?

Fortunately, I’m married to a brilliant man who knows tech. He found my file and backed it up this morning.

In the midst of all of this, I’ve had a period where I couldn’t remember passwords I’d just changed, in two sites, wordpress being one. (The other site is just buggy these days. I change my password, type it in right afterward and get a “I’m sorry we’re working on the site” page. Wonderful. Try again later? Well, I’ve done this so many times now, I can’t remember which password I’m using.)

Getting the impression here that the past few days haven’t been my best? I can laugh about it now, and I’ll get through it. But this was about as bad as I ever want it to be .

Today, aside from the back up, we took bookcases to the antique booth (the old booth is becoming essentially a small bookshop) and staged items for the new booth. Things are getting done!

Now you know why I haven’t posted in a while.

Going Through Boxes and the Great Potato Search (ongoing)

Because of the storage move, I decided I needed to work in the attic too. For one thing, the table I want to use in the new booth is about ½ down the attic. At the moment there’s no way to extract it. For another, I’d like to store more of the misc. items  in the attic, and you can barely get in there, much less store anything! It isn’t full, it’s just messy. I started that job yesterday.

The first two boxes I pulled out had holiday junk: pumpkins, hearts, Christmas banners, etc. I separated the keeps, added the paper pumpkins to the “fall collection” items (I’ve been buying things discounted for resale in the fall). I’d already started boxing these. Added a box, made sure they had lids and were labeled The resale valentine pieces are staged for the antique store; they’re done.

The keeps included some brass hearts, 2 Christmas banners, and a glass pumpkin. All I have to do is clear the top of where the Christmas stuff is stored and I’ll be able to put that stuff away. The hearts were added to the other valentine’s items, in a misc. holidays box, currently in the living room, unfortunately.

The 3rd box was full of books, now cataloged and the books sorted: outs, keeps, online sales, antique shop sales, or wholesale. All sorted and boxed. No piles!

If sorting a stack of 4 boxes (top box = empty cooler) was always this quick & easy, I’d have gotten through more of them long ago!

This morning I’ve been searching online for organic potatoes, well, organic seed potatoes, NOT potato seed. Given our short season, whatever help I can get to speed things up is a plus. That means planting seed potatoes instead of potato seeds. Since I’m only growing organic this year, that makes this significantly harder. Few companies sell seed potatoes, fewer still sell organic ones.

Fortunately, years ago I filled out a Mother Earth News survey about where I got my seeds and garden supplies. Included in that survey was a LONG list of seed/plant companies. I copied and saved the list. Some have gone out of business, but it’s still a large list. I got A-H before I quit for lunch.

It’s pretty quick, as I’m eliminating all the Canadian companies (never found one that will ship to the U.S.) and anyone who doesn’t carry organic seed potatoes. Still it takes time going through each catalog.

More to do!

Less stuff & More chocolate

We stopped at a bank on the way home today to use an ATM. Next door there was an independent chocolate place, which was open, so of course I had to go in!

The sign in the window read, “Real Hot Chocolate” and it was! No palmanated, instantized powder blown into the cup with pre-measured, steaming tap water.

It was wonderful!

We were offered a sample, either milk chocolate ganache or a chocolate truffle. I took the truffle– now I make ganache at home!

We had a good time today, saw many friends, got rid of a few books & other stuff, and found a new source for wonderful chocolate. I mean, really, what else can you ask for?

The chocolate place was in Boston, in Framingham? Their name is Chocolate Therapy. I DO recommend their hot chocolate and I recommend their chili chocolate too, very smooth with cinnamon and a spicy tang that catches up to you rather than assaults your taste buds!!

If life would just grant me good friends and great chocolate each weekend,  I think I could manage to struggle through the rest of the week! 😀

2013 target smaller Jan 20

New Directions

I’ve been buying stuff — but I’ve also been doing other things too — namely, I’ve been getting new places to store and sell stuff!

Yesterday I contracted for a new booth and rented the 2nd (smaller) storage unit. The plan is to move some of the larger pieces into the new booth, where hopefully they’ll sell, and move things around in the old booth.

To that end, I started moving things from the old storage to the new one, especially things I’m interested in selling in the new booth. I’ve bought some small stuff for both booths. We’ll  scatter the new stuff in the booths, hopefully increasing the old booth’s sales and helping the new start off with a BANG.

We’ll see! What I’ve been buying comes off my purged total, so my deduction isn’t as good as it has been at the beginning of this month. I need to stay home and stop buying stuff if I want the total to keep going the way it was!

I’ll update the tally right after I publish this, so it should be up to date real soon.

Happy weekend all! 😀

2013 target smaller Jan 18