End of the Road


Donated: 5 books 5/5
Used: 2 mailers 2/7
paperchase 32+2+13+100 147/154

The books are in mailers to go to the military. The 100 paperchase are items shredded, the last 13 before that are envelopes, etc. that came along with the shreds.

  • old 98 1% remaining 9962 items out
  • new 98-154= 56 over, remaining 0; 10,116 items out

Iā€™m done!!!!

I’ll add the finished target AND put up the new one later today. Happy New Year everyone!


5 responses to “End of the Road

  1. Congratulations šŸ™‚

  2. WOOHOOOOOOO WTG Cuz! We found the dining room table tonight. Haven’t seen it in 2 months. Imagine under all the randomness was a table??? Put a snowflake tablecloth on and ate Chinese take out on it!

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