My darling husband is doing more purging in his office. As of right now (11:59 a.m.) this is a detailed description of what’s gone today. Format is list, line total/cumlative total.

2 plaid gift boxes 1 round gift box 1 red gift box 1 gold gift box 5/5,    1 “have yourself” Christmas pillow 2 green/red tapestry pillows 3/8.  24 Christmas balls 24/32,  3 books 3/35, 31 +17 + 16+65+50 paper chase 179/214,   5 batteries 5/219,  piggy bank 1/220, Used wood rack, case 2/221   222 ,  donated bag of cat food 1/223 ,  Reveal: top of bookcase in office closet 1/224



Dec29 Target annotated copy copy

12/30/12 #2 6:27 p.m.

box for something we no longer own 1/1

plastic case 1/2

2 batteries 2/4

3 CDs 3/7

Used 2 mailers 2/9

donated 5 books to the military 5/14

paper chase 22+23=45/59


In 0


2 responses to “Countdown

  1. Go Cuz, Go!!!! I am heading back to the basement today. I hope to finish the holiday decoration reorganization. Then on to the basement bedroom. It is all shoved around as my husband glued a mural up for me, and we took out two bookcases. They went upstairs to mom’s office – where we removed a desk headed for a charity. It feels good to see progress, doesn’t it?

    Tell B good work from me! ((Cuz))

    • Thanks! Most of this is due to B deciding that he really wanted to move the office around. Since he works in his office all the time, it’s imperative that the space be both functional and to his liking!

      I’ll send along your wishes, thanks.

      I’ve got another 50 or so items he came up with as well, I’m just counting them as paper chase at this point. I don’t really have time to list magazines, manuals, as different from paper. I’m just counting them as 1 piece of paper out!

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