400 pieces in TWO DAYS???

I must be out of my ever-loving mind!

The morning was spent cataloging the 83 books we took to the antique store. And, as usual, while we were there, I pulled stuff out to keep the booth from being stale. Much of that is “Christmasy” stuff and will go to the dump, so far, just from what I remember, that’s 27 pieces –which only leaves me with about 375 more to go!

The books should sell well, westerns usually do, and as I said I have a person who takes all I can’t sell, so they don’t hang around. I was glad to find them, it’s been about a year since I had a good variety at the booth.

So the box of westerns cleared 1.13 cu feet of my life. Unfortunately, we bought as many books back as we took. Those have to be re-processed. I need to make a trip to another bookstore somewhere soon and unload a box or three. I’ve got 2-3 boxes in the living room now I think? This will make 4. That’s too many. And I also have to restock the s/f. I haven’t pulled almost everything off the spinner and replaced it since June. That should be done every three months, not evey six, sigh.

I’m just really tired of cataloging books!

(Whine and cheese coming right up, yeah, I know.)

I have the shredder stuffed full of papers to shred. That will help. I don’t count the “shreds” until I shred them — they hang around until I have a full batch. The machine is loud and the job is obnoxious and I usually have a sore back afterwards, in other words, I avoid it as long as possible. It’s time. The shreds will probably yield about 100 or so. So, that’s 275 approx. still to go.

The dump is open tomorrow. We’ll see!


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