Post #200

I have 600 items to go in 2012, from 12/26-12/31, a week. That’s about 86 pieces a day. If we keep going the way we have been since 12/24, that shouldn’t be a problem — which is a SHOCK!

DH spent this morning cleaning more of his office. He’s been rearranging what goes where and using some of the shelving bits we’ve had in the attic. It not only looks GREAT but it all counts! More, he’s been culling as he went, so lots of stuff has gone out.

I started this morning sort of determined I’d get rid of 3 boxes of books, about 150 or so. And of course, right after that, found that it wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought. I DID find 14 to go right off the bat, but that’s a far cry from the 150 I’d originally envisioned. DH & I decided that instead of pulling what I can easily from here and then going to the storage and culling there, that I should just work on the house today. I may find another slug o’ stuff to go quick in the next 10 minutes or so, which is all the time I’ve got before I need to start getting ready to go to the dump. (It opens at 1.)

So far today, with DH’s cleaning/culling and the books, we’ve got another approx.  80 things to count, mostly paper as usual.

I want to increase that another 20 or so in the next few minutes. The problem is that if the books were in the shop inventory in any  way, they need to be researched. A group from the house collection is much faster. The 14 books from this morning are all romances that came from my personal collection. I only note them for consistency. They wind up as “various authors” “14 romance mm” and no value, wholesale or retail noted. MUCH faster than having to research every book.

I have a tray of romances downstairs near the dining room. I grabbed most of the 14 books from there. I’m off to see how many more I can find.

Happy boxing day everyone!

P.S. The weather tomorrow MAY keep me from going to the storage. It’s unheated and in cold weather, it’s very uncomfortable to work there!


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