I wanted to be done with counting things in 2012!

What I’ve gotten rid of in 2012 hasn’t cleared enough space; I haven’t accomplished my long term goals: walk across my livingroom unimpeded and have NO storage unit(s), which means I will increment and track the stuff I get rid of in 2013, again.

In 2012, I multiplied the year by 5 to get 10,060, in 2013 I’ll multiply it by 6:

2013*6= 12,078

That’s 2,018 more pieces than my 2012 goal. Given that I have been behind most of 2012, this seems to be to be pretty hopeless, with one caveat. The big goal to empty the storage unit, which will yield several thousand pieces when it’s done.

We hope to move from our present unit into a smaller one this holiday season. The image is of the unit where we are now, and was taken right after we moved everything into it, Columbus Day weekend, 2011. I’d hoped to move into a smaller unit Columbus Day weekend 2012, but it didn’t happen.

What's NOT in the house!

What’s NOT in the house!

So, I’m going to continue this folly. Not only will I still track everything through the end of 2012, but yes, I’ll increment it, again and continue in 2013.

I’ve designed a new target too. A copy of it will be put up on the blog 1/1/13.

Happy holidays everyone!


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