With My Husband’s Help

I may just do this?

I’m a LOT closer than I thought I’d be by now. He’s weeded down his clothes, helped me work on the bedroom, decided to donate or toss many of his magazines. The man is a wonder and a joy. 😀

He started tonight willing to pitch boxes  of my stuff, until I said something like, “Well, I guess then I’ll toss all of this stuff of yours?”

He started going through his own things and I went through mine.

Because I’ve been doing this fairly seriously, a lot of my things that are still out & about are unsortables (have no home, probably need to be saved) and pieces to be cataloged, alas.

The storage facility has a smaller unit for us. My husband’s job has a mandatory vacation at the end of the year. He’ll do some photography and other fun things, but we’ll probably move to the smaller unit too. YEAH!

Definite progress. Even if we don’t move to the smaller storage OR I get the 10,060 items out, there’s definite movement here in the right direction! And although I’d rather have a tree, be doing a family Christmas, etc. like we did last year, this has a certain appeal. I’d love to have a small Christmas party for the 5-6 neighbors we like, for example. Can’t do it til the house is cleared out. God willing — next year!

Dec23 Target annotated copy copy


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