Paper by the Square Foot?

We’ve been going through some of the assorted papers here. Filing, like writing, is one of those tasks I like having done, but hate doing — so it gets put off.

The house has been staying cleaner, less backsliding, which is a relief. I don’t have to go back and start over if I want to work on an area. I’ve been pulling things from the attic to go away.

The attic, by definition, is storage, and at the moment it is over full (of course) and not well organized, so I’ve been pecking away at it as well as elsewhere. The attic is just almost enough to take everything in the storage unit, which would save us > $1000 a year. Couldn’t you use an extra $1000? I know we sure could!

Storage units make the cost of clutter all too apparent. We pay .59 a month for that storage, per square foot. Doesn’t seem like much, does it? Except we pay roughly .55 a square foot per month for our home, so it costs MORE than the house we live in, every foot, every month. W0uld I pay someone .60 (rounded up) monthly to just *have* this stuff? When I think of it that way, I believe the answer would be no.

Reality tells another story. I DO pay that price, every month.

If I add the antique booth to the mix, the price of all of the space we’re paying to store or sell stuff,  goes up to .62 a foot, monthly. The kicker of  course is that the space at the booth is the only place I make money. The fact that it costs me approx $3 a square foot  is just the cost of doing business.

I’m not sure where this is headed, except the obvious. If I get through the paperwork and cull it down to what we actually have to have/keep, then I could save us a bunch of money.

Also, it’s pretty obvious to me at least, that the only way I’m going to get through approx 1,060 more items between now and 12/31/12 is going to be paperwork: filing or culling. Books & other “stuff” take too long to process, sell, donate, or whatever. Culled paperwork goes into a bin here and then at the dump — I don’t have to handle it again! That alone should make paperwork my best, most favorite thing!

We’ll see?

Dec18 Target annotated copy copy


3 responses to “Paper by the Square Foot?

  1. Do you have a fireplace, too? Think of the heat! 😛 Happy Trails to your storage unit, soon…

    • No fireplace, just a wood stove. since I posted this, I’ve gone through about 1/2 a box of papers, 34 pieces just out. More to shred and file. Shredding will happen tomorrow, dump day, so we’re not storing shredded trash paper.

      I have been known to use paperwork to start the woodstove, but we try not to, as the inks can make nasty fumes!

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