is dump day.

I have presents to wrap and mail and unsold books to deal with: Donate? Keep? Sell elsewhere?

I wish the weather wasn’t so cold so I could go putter in the garden for some needed change of scenery and work.

I don’t mind cleaning, purging, data entry, etc. But this house starts to feel really small after a while of doing the same chores day in and day out. I got myself into this mess and I have to get myself out, but it still gets boring after a bit (Doesn’t every job?).

I’ll find something else to concentrate on, and that will be my “next step.” It won’t change the work that needs to be done, but when I change how I think about it, it helps me keep doing the same repetitive jobs, for years. The latest one is that I’ve been trying to deal with a tray of books daily, approx. 50 paperbacks. I did that for 3 days running and then yesterday, I backslid. I had no interest in cleaning anything, in culling anything at all. I wanted to do creative chores: cook, do crafts, etc. Accordingly I did NOT get through a tray of books. I need to finish the tray today.

The back of the car is full, from last Thursday’s trip to the storage. I wanted to have DEALT with the books by now, but haven’t. I only grabbed 5 boxes and 1 tray last week. I got the tray done and 3 others beside, but haven’t yet got the boxes of books out of the car, into trays, and in the house. So, that’s my first step this morning.

I bought two things: a new divider to go between the stove/cabinet (We found one was broken when we moved the stove last week, so it was tossed.) Also, a new can opener. Yesterday I made Mexican chicken stew for lunch/dinner. It’s a perfect winter dish as it’s made with stored foods: cooked poultry, canned chilies, corn, tomatoes, taco seasoning.

There’s a small package of alcohol wipes in the pantry. I use them to wipe off cans before I open them. The pantry lightbulb was dead and so I had to use a flashlight. As I opened the cans, I noticed that the can opener appeared to be really icky. After lunch, I took a rag etc. to clean the can opener and discovered that most of the mess was rust, not caked-on food as I’d feared. At that point either I had to remove the rust with a drill and wire brush and then wax or something over the brushed area or buy a new can opener.

I bought a new opener. I’ll make cleaning it a part of a regular routine. Of course we had the old one more than twenty years, but I don’t remember the last time I pulled it off the wall to clean it –  that will change!

Like my discovery that dust bunnies take approx 6 months to generate behind the refrigerator (which I found last week during the great under/near the stove cleaning project) cleaning the can opener is part of my new cleaning regimen! 😀

12/13/12 I earned a new target section the past 3 days. Here it is!

Dec14 Target annotated copy copy


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