I just read a “frugal” blog and am amazed! Except for pursuing gift cards, which I do NOT do, almost all the techniques the blogger talked about I’ve done for years: making your own, gambling rarely, picking up things at the store to avoid delivery charges, etc.

People don’t do this stuff? This is special?

I keep trying to get into the gift card thing, but it almost always requires a qualifier I don’t do, buying something I otherwise wouldn’t get, spending a lot of time looking for/at the right website. Like . I like the idea, I’ve tried it 2-3 times, my purchases never show up on my account.

After a few times of that, I’ve given up.

Then there are the sites where you have to spend $ to save, which I refuse to do. I will NOT spend $ to get coupons, to save $. I will NOT spend $ to get “your” plan to save $ – sorry. I understand people need to make a living; believe me, I do! I’ll click through on ads or donate $ directly to a kickstarter project or something I believe in, but won’t pay money for ways to save a dollar here or there.

So here’s a few ways I save money. Do you do these?

  • Buy used, when appropriate
  • Look at the scratch/dent section before shopping otherwise (includes salvage at the supermarket)
  • Find multiple uses for things
  • Buy the most concentrated form of soaps, etc. I can
  • Buy retail, rather than mailorder (pick up at store )

2 responses to “Frugal?

  1. I do all of the above 🙂

  2. Me too! Can’t imagine why this is “frugal” rather than just “normal”? I gave up couponing, mostly a while ago, as I found I could spend as much time trying to save $100 a month as I could make at a part time job, netting approx. twice that. Saving $100 a month is great, but spending 40 hours to do so makes it worth about $2.50 an hour. I can duplicate that by shopping specials, markdowns, etc.

    Because food here is significantly cheaper from the week before Thanksgiving til just after Christmas, I get a lot of staples during that period.

    Stay warm!

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