I’m not busy — really (NOT!)

I got some of the pictures loaded, finally.

I’ve added pictures of a wall of the house and the bathroom floor in the This House post. I’ll be adding more images as I go, regularly now. I have 1 or 2 more images for the house post and some others. I may (or may not) start posting images of the stuff going away again —  haven’t decided yet!

I’m collecting images for a “movie” of images cleaning my oven. It’s too embarrassed to just post them, but I’ll post them as a flash card/movie, showing the oven getting cleaner and cleaner, which it is — slowly.

It seems most of the home-made storage solutions we have here are not things I’ve seen or heard about elsewhere, so I’ll likely write a post with images here about that too.

I’ve got new deadlines. Not only do I have the end of the year deadline that this blog is about, but DH and I have decided we’d like to put the house on the market in about three years. That means that the cleaning, etc. has to be finished by then. So I have the following:

  • Get rid of the items needed to get to 10,060 in the next 3 weeks (12/31/12).
  • Empty the storage by 12/31/13.
  • Get the house ready to sell by 12/31/14.

No big deal, right? And, oh yeah, I have 4 books to finish writing and/or editing as well.

I’m not busy– no really!


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