First Tally for December

will be posted below and then moved to the tally page. Despite the fact that we’re cleaning & culling daily, the numbers are still really small, or fairly small anyway.

In the first 5 days of this month, I’ve managed this:


To trash: old toilet, shower hose, 1 mug, bag of rags, plunger, cleaner bottle 6
2 toilet brushes, “moonsuit”, needle threader, 1 turtleneck, oil bottle, 6 rags 12
sponge, slide box, 2 owner’s manuals, 2 spice bottles, broken ruler, 7
space filler for between appliance & counter 1

To dump (swap shop): 1 book, 6 rolls chair webbing, 7
dishwasher rinse aid, 6 napkins, pizza cutter, trivet, peg rack 10
3 spice bottles (new), fan, phone headset 5

To family/friends: 1 bottle advil 1
Used: new toilet, last of box of disposable gloves, 5 hooks, wooden crate 7
3 peg racks, labels, 2 tubes of silicon caulk, 3 skewers (to support caulk) 8
Cleaned/Put away: bread basket 1
Donated 1 bag 5 pcs packing paper, 1 table cloth with matching 8 napkins 15
8 placemats, 10 napkins 18
Reveals: wall & floor of bathroom where old toilet was, stove drawer 3
wall behind stove, floor under stove, counter edges next to stove 4

To landing pad: 3 pairs black pants, 1 shirt, 12 napkins (not counted til used
tossed or they are “put away”)

Returned: drop cloth, extra hose 2
Found new home/put away: 4 baskets, 1 tablecloth 5
Sold: 1 lamp, 2 books, box of candles, 1 magazine 5
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
1 linen, 1 pantry 2

paperchase 8

26+22+57+14+8= 127

Stuff designated to sell/reuse/donate/give away (not counted til sold)
9 pcs nipponware, dividers, 4 kitchen tools

new toilet, bundle of rags, box of disposable gloves, 1 book, camera, screwdriver

old 1709 17.0% remaining 8351 items out
new 1588 15.8% remaining 8472 items out

It appears I’ll make the next target section in the next day or so. That leaves me 6 to go and the “extra” 60. In 26 days?



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