Happy December 1st.

31 days to go, including this one, and as of yesterday, I have this as the tally:

new 1736 17.3% remaining 8324 items out

That means I should get rid of 56 pieces daily (1736/31) and I might just make the 10,060. Fifty-six doesn’t sound so bad, does it? Except today was taken up with the install the new toilet project, and I have this pathetic list for today:

To trash: old toilet, shower hose
To dump (swap shop): 1 book
To family/friends: 1 bottle advil
Used: new toilet, last of box of disposable gloves
Donated 1 bag 5 pcs packing paper 6
Reveals: wall & floor where toilet was 2

Sold: 1 lamp

That’s 15 things out. There’s 4 coming in so it nets only 11 — I’m off 45.

I’ve got several pieces of clothing in the “pitch or not?” pile and tomorrow we go to the dump (where I can donate the clothes) with the old toilet and whatever else.

I have taken some new pictures, but need to get DH to show me how to load the pics onto the computer I use most of the time — and then I’ll post images again, regularly — which will make this blog a LOT more interesting visually!

So, tomorrow is day 30 and I’ve got approx. 1725 to go!


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