Holiday gleaning & cleaning

Well, it’s sort of reverse gleaning I guess. Instead of finding things I can use, I’ve been finding things I can get rid of. There’s  30+ items to go to the antique store, 21 things set aside to donate, 2 sheets and asst. other stuff to go to  dump. It’s not as much as I’d hoped. I’ve started purging the clothing collection. That will generate many culls before I’m done!

I also purged the candle collection this morning. Yes, I need candles for the house for power outages. No, I do NOT need all the candles I had, or the candle sticks either. So there’s a bunch of those going into the booth.

We may buy a camera today, it’s the only thing we’re actively looking for, but it’s unlikely. I’d like a new one, as I’d like to have pictures to post, but getting what DH wants, within the price range we want to pay is a balancing act, so it’s unlikely we’ll find one.

Don’t buy too much!



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