Happy Thanksgiving!

Much of the food that we’ll eat today for lunch or dinner is home processed. Chicken noodle soup for lunch, turkey, veggies, salad, bread & pie for dinner. I used to go buy the pieces and just cook dinner. These days I challenge myself to see how much  of the food I can do myself.

Some things I’ve never done: pie crust, for example. It’s on the list of skills I want to tackle, but haven’t, so the pie is a frozen blueberry pie. (It was cheap too.)

My goals today are: clear the table, dining room. Set the table. In the process of clearing the table & dining room, FILL the car with stuff to be taken to a charity Friday morning. If we can do that, I will truly be thankful this evening, and probably tired too.

As usual, I’m spending Black Friday doing other than the usual “stuff acquirement” that many do. For years I worked retail and so of course was busy selling people their stuff on Black Friday, rather than buying it myself. This year, we’ll be giving stuff away (and maybe putting some in the booth?) instead.

Another requirement today, because of the work, is that lunch has to be drop-dead easy (the soup was made last night) and dinner has to be fairly simple. I know myself well enough to know that I won’t want to make a fancy-dancy dinner after I’ve spent 6 hours cleaning, culling, etc.

I hope that you all have many things to be thankful for today!


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