Anniversary, of sorts

I started this blog, or started working on it anyway, a year ago today.

In that time: I’ve made some friends, changed the underlying theme (format), stopped posting pictures (our camera died), discovered I have more issues to deal with about house/home than I thought, and started posting about food & cooking.

I’m not sorry I’ve done this, I’m just dismayed at how far behind I am!

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate! It’s always been one of my favorite holidays: family and great food. Even in my dysfunctional family we usually managed to have pain-free Thanksgivings. I hope yours is joyous!

btw, if you’re in the U.S., frequently the cheapest food sold all year is sold from the week before Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve. You might want to add a 2nd bag of flour to your cart to take home or put in the food bank bin?


5 responses to “Anniversary, of sorts

  1. Happy Anniversary! I think you perform miracles everyday… keep it up! Your posts have helped me.

    • I’m glad to be of help. Otherwise, all the crapola is for naught, yes? I’m working on the memoir some these days, have the last two sections partly done. One can’t be finished until I find an answer. The other is just writing and making sure that what I want to say is there. Feels odd to be “finishing” the memoir, when I’m not finished yet.

      Or at least I hope so!


      • Well, it is hard to finish most anything *after* you are finished, right? Maybe this is one of those things you want to finish up early… let someone else write the ending 😉

  2. Happy Anniversary 🙂

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