Everything, everywhere generates culls!

I was looking for glue the other day. I have a wooden bin for it. Found the bin this morning, not where it belonged, of course. I pulled the glue stick I wanted out and decided that I should check & see if the glue(s) in the box were still good? Six bottles in the trash.

I worked a little on the clear-the-table project this morning and found a pile of unopened mail. Opened it, the stuff that needs filing is on the filing cabinet, the rest of it’s in the paper/dump bin. Nothing stacked around — it’s gone.

I need to catalog more books! I still have all those boxes (5?) of hardcovers/large format paperbacks to deal with. 95% of those will be designated go away, they’ll go to the antique booth, and if they don’t sell, they’ll get donated, somewhere. The books I cataloged today are in the car, with their printed tags too.

From my office I  took some extra kitchen towels (were going to be  curtains) they’re in the car ready to go to the antique store too.

More culls! 😀 I put away asst. craft supplies, found homes for somethings, etc. All but 1 of the watering cans is put up. Most of them wouldn’t fit on top of the cabinets, so I have to clear the top of the free-standing cabinet. When I get that done, they should go up there, or up there and atop the china cabinet. Anyway, none of them are on the ground anymore. All of the vases are up on the box wall; that’s going to have to change, but for right now, it’s done.

More to do . . . more to do . . . more to do!


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