Still plugging away at it

The table isn’t cleared. DH is still culling stuff in his workshop, and I avoided the storage Tuesday as the car was still full of boxes I hadn’t dealt with.

Today? Today I catalog hardcovers for the antique store, plug away at the clear off the table and the annual clean the room divider projects.

A neighbor wants to borrow some crocks for Thanksgiving. The crocks are something I used to sell, so I have LOTS. In fact, my Christmas gift to the neighbors this year is going to be a ball of butter cookie dough and “fixin’s”. I intend to put the ball of dough in one crock as a part of the gift.

A few years back, DH roasted coffee and we gave that to the neighbors as a Christmas present “wrapped” in a crock. It seemed to me that everyone would probably like at least two, which is what prompted the idea. Good thing I wasn’t planning to give our holiday gifts for Thanksgiving, like 2011!

So I’m loaning a neighbor 7 crocks for her Thanksgiving dinner. Pretty sad when you’re the go-to source for extra china in the neighborhood. Especially for the neighbors who had 3 kids!

I’m working on the kitchen wall divider today too. I’ve got the “extra” vases on top of the kitchen cabinets. I need to do that SPACE BUDGET. I wonder if there’s a way I can give the neighbors a small crock AND a vase for the holidays? Naw. Part of the vase problem would be solved if I used vases regularly, I don’t. I only use them at holidays and when DH brings me flowers.

Flowers seem like something I don’t “deserve,” (having a pretty house is another). Hmm. Maybe I should work more on decorating the house and a bit less on beating myself up because of  “the stuff.”  The “not deserving” piece isn’t healthy either. Ah pfui! I do NOT want another emotional issue to tackle about house & home.

I’m going to go clean a wall of wooden boxes, with stuff in/on them. This will likely take ALL day and hopefully will generate a slug o’ stuff to trash, donate or put in the booth. I also need to tackle the hardcovers I brought home last week. I go to the antique store tonight or tomorrow, depending on DH’s plans and/or how much I get done.

Do you have space above your kitchen cabinets? If so, do you store things there — and what? If not, did your home come that way or was it something you changed?

 What’s on top of my cabinets is my canner, stew pot, vases, and pieces for the food processor. My childhood home had finished walls above the cabinets. We also didn’t have a stew pot, canner or food processor. I could theoretically store this stuff in the box wall, but it’s full of the dehydrator, bowls, food processor, chafing dish, battery charger (and batteries), crock pot, vases, and some household filing.

  • I can move the dehydrator to the attic, I use it only about once every 3 months. (Pulled, not in the attic yet 11/16)
  •  The food processor, if I’m making our bread, gets used weekly. If DH is making our bread, it doesn’t get used at all, needs to be on the bottom “shelf.” Done 11/15
  • The bowls get used all the time (already on bottom shelf)
  • The chafing dish is part of the emergency/winter supplies (It needs to be moved higher up the wall. Done! 11/15

Okay. I’ll move the filing into my office where it belongs, the dehydrator to the attic, the chafing dish UP to where the dehydrator had been, and either use, store or sell/give away the vases. (The vases will be stored on the box wall too.) Hopefully, this means I can also move the canner, food processor bits and the stew pot. THAT will clear the top of the cabinets. (Filing and chafing dish are moved, the rest hasn’t been done, yet.11/16)

If I manage that? I’ll move the watering can collection up there. It’s perfect. It gets the cans out of the way until spring, I don’t need them, so I won’t be going up/down a ladder to get to them, and it uses the space and clears a mess all at the same time! 😀

As usual, I’ve scheduled 3x as many things for my day as I’m likely to actually get done!


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