Big Plans!

We have a big wheel grist mill, old cast iron. It’s getting put in the booth.

If/when it sells, I intend to use the money towards another hand-powered mill. I have a food grinder already, those are easy to find in antique stores. But flour mills are not easy to find. I was really excited when we bought the mill, figured we could get rid of our “out of power” coffee grinder too! But no.

Keeping old, heavy LARGE pieces of equipment, etc. that don’t work as needed should be an easy call, yes? Except that I’ve wanted something like this for oh 30 years or so. Okay – out it goes. I had to move it this morning, which is what prompted me to “remember” that I was supposed to be selling (and not storing) it.

There were two or three things that were on the “sell this, not currently being used” list. The barrister’s bookcase, which hasn’t sold, is one. The mill was another. The third is our old kitchen table. The barristers book case has to be removed from the booth before the table can go in. Or, I do have a potential market for it that’s different than the antique store. That requires a photograph. If it wasn’t shoved in a corner and had STUFF piled all over it, that would be easy to accomplish.

Today is also when I find out if I’m getting a cabinet from a friend? If I am, the table HAS to go, there’s just no room otherwise! So, today’s plan is to clear that table, or work on it anyway. As a minimum we need to take a pic and see if a dealer I know will consign it? If not, it speeds up the “take the barrister’s book case to auction” project so there’s room in the booth for the table. Sigh!

The table is another thing I’ve been really reluctant to part with it. It was the second piece of real furniture we bought, it’s solid oak, with two leaves. We’ve had it in every house we’ve owned. When we bought it, there were no chairs. DH’s grandfather had chairs that matched, and nicely, the family let us have six chairs, as they had extras when he passed. So it was OURS – old, well made, bought cheaply (well not for us at the time) and we’d added heirlooms to it to complete it. Old, classic, well made, and practical – we thought we’d have it the rest of our lives.

The chairs need to be repaired. The table also needs work and it’s just too big! We’re using the small, modern oak table we had as our breakfast table in the last house. Because of the awful way the rooms are split here, we don’t have a dining room, like we had in both other houses, though this place is nearly 3x the size of our first house! The small “kitchen” table & chairs fill the dining area. The bigger table would make it impossible to do anything other than squeeze by and stand to eat. Forget chairs. Forget being relaxed.

Sometimes I HATE my 30 square foot kitchen counter/island! If I was doing commercial cooking or was a perpetual hostess, I guess it would be an asset. But I’m not doing either. And 30 square feet out of the middle of the room is just too much! The counter was obviously designed with the idea that is also a “breakfast bar” but it’s too shallow, I bang my knees. If I do, imagine poor DH, over a foot taller! The storage space under the counter is badly set up. The counter is SO big that until I made a “wall” out of it, it was just a complete and total catch-all. These days, it’s better as a storage “wall” but the half of it that’s still my counter ends up cluttered full of stuff. Mostly food or tools I can’t store in the badly configured cabinets.

Sometimes I think the fellow that built this house was demented. There’s no traffic flow that works in this place. It’s all full of awkward corners and weird little pieces that don’t work, and some big ones, like the counter. The counter looks wonderful, in an empty room. But it’s a nightmare to live with! Boy do I look forward to the day we take it DOWN!!!

So the big stuff that’s going, or about to, are the barrister’s case (at the antique store already), the dining room table, the grist mill (at the antique store 11/15), and God willing sometime in the next year (I hope!) the over-large counter.

Today’s job is to clean the mill and clear the table.


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