Dollars & Sense, Food Waste

Okay. Given the last post about food dollars, I decided to do a bit of research.

In the U.S. we use, on average, 6% of our income on food. For a 2011 household (data from & wiki), with the average income of $42,500.00 a year, that 6% figure is then $2,550.00 . And we waste 25%, or $637.50 annually!

So, with all the hand wringing over our shrinking dollar and income, why aren’t there all sorts of articles on how to waste less food? There’s historical sources, like recipes from WWII, for example, that talk about using “fats” rather than butter or vegetable oil or  — for cooking. Why aren’t recipes in magazines full of hints about this?

There are people who talk about it, but it doesn’t seem to have hit the mainstream. I wonder why? Below you’ll find links to other blogs, etc. that deal with food waste. Cut & paste them into a new browser window. [Every time I try and do a link it doesn’t work, so I didn’t try this time!]

A site that deals with commercial food waste:

My favorite U.S. blog on the subject:

My favorite UK blog about this:


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