Getting There!

I went to the storage today. For the first time you can actually see a hole in the stuff in the front. My goal is to EMPTY the front by mid-month. Why? Because that’s when the woman who runs the storage expects she’ll have a smaller unit for me to move into! 😀

I’m going to count losing the unit as a reveal btw. You can argue with me if you like, but if I can move/cull something around 100 boxes of books in 13 months (which is what I will have done), enough to move to a smaller unit, then I should get to count it — somehow!
I brought home 5 boxes of books. I also stopped on the way and bought books, around 7 or so, but I’d sold 3 and donated 9 today already. I’ve also found a home for a magnetic bulletin board strip (shop office fixture). I have 4 books next to me that are part of the permanent want list on a site where I’m donating books, so those should go quick! Otherwise? Otherwise, I have a lot of cataloging to do tonight/tomorrow a.m. if I don’t want to spend all weekend at it.

(And I’d rather not, really!)

My answer to dealing with the issues here at the house right now is to concentrate on emptying the storage unit. I don’t have the issues about doing that and it needs to happen, ASAP if I’m going to do this move in two weeks. So, that’s my short-term answer. It doesn’t solve the problems, clear out my living room, or anything else along that line. It does, however, get rid of stuff, get me closer to my ultimate goal (living in our house, not a storage unit here or elsewhere).


4 responses to “Getting There!

  1. I can see your post. Let me know if you’d like me to copy and paste it 🙂

  2. Thanks… but I can too, now. For some reason, some idiot thing I did, I had saved TWO posts, with the same title. The original seems to be above, and I deleted the 2nd — or I hope I did!

    Thank you for the offer 😀

  3. Also, congrats on the smaller unit 🙂 Imagine the money you’ll be saving!

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