I have only the barest of agenda’s. Nowhere I have to be at a certain time, which is always nice.

I have been pecking away at the living room. Unpacked a box of books, started another. These have been piled atop the up side down coffee table in the corner (so was the barrister’s case, but it’s gone now).  The coffee table has to be moved away from the corner for the plant supplies to go there. In the planned final living room design, the coffee table will go in front of the couch (currently upstairs in our bedroom), the 2 club chairs on each side, a side table between. The club chairs, coffee table,  couch table and side tables are in the living room now, and usable (if empty). The rest of it isn’t. In order to get this done, I have to take the boxes o’ stuff off the coffee table, move it. Put the plants & supplies in the corner as much as possible, empty the new graphics table (and the floor beneath it), move it against the plants, etc.

Then, empty the couch, haul it down stairs into the hole made by the graphics table being moved. Put everything in place. And, yeah, just in case you noticed? This isn’t talking about the other 1/2 of the room, which contains (Ready?) a loom, a full size document file, 2 industrial storage bins, and about 30 boxes of books.

No problem, right? I’ll get this done today, easy.


No, today’s realistic agenda is: empty the boxes on top of the coffee table. See if it can be moved out of the corner? If so, move it, then move the plants and start cleaning up the graphics table/under it. If I’m lucky/diligent? I’ll get that done. It really needs to happen in one day, if possible, as the plants need to be near sunlight, not shoved into a corner!

I have stuff to haul to one of the church consignment shops this afternoon and things to take to the antique store too. I will put the stuff going away in the car, which will help clear out the living room, but not enough to make a large dent.

We’ll see! (Lined through items are complete.)

2 responses to “Today?

    • Thanks! I got done just about exactly what I expected. I’m working on the plant stuff, got about 1/3 of the top of the graphics table cleared. Obviously, got more to do! Thanks for the encouragement, as always. 😀

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