So far . . .

It’s 10:30 a.m. (approximately) and I’ve made broccoli broth (water from blanching the broccoli florets + chopped stems, cook, buzz, strain out any big pieces. There’s bread in the oven — I made it sprouted wheat bread this time, as I have a quart mason jar full of sprouting wheat on the window sill. The apple butter is finishing up, I unplug the crock pot when I can’t pay attention to it. I’ve had too many things burn because I just went away and left it cooking.

I’ve raked some of the leaves from one area I didn’t mow yesterday and thrown out a book. Not too bad for only being up 3 hours or so! I wonder what else I’ll get done today?

It’s dump day, and I really need to go as we didn’t make it last weekend. That’s an imperative, our bin is only so big! A few weeks back we stopped using plastic bags. Yes, they’re sanitary and easy and cheap. No they’re not “frugal” or eco-friendly. Our household trashcans are plastic, tall skinny things, fine. But they won’t fit in the car standing up & they have no lids. So, we used bags for a long while. DH said, “How about the bins we use for hauling kindling and wood?” As usual we had more than we needed for that, and one of those is working just fine. It fits in the car, has a tight-fitting lid and holds the usual household trash with a some room to spare. Our dump provides a hose to rinse trash cans so I don’t even have to bring it home dirty! So no more trash bags for day-to-day trash for us — SCORE! (But it does mean that the trash has to be taken to the dump faithfully, the bin isn’t huge!)

Other tasks, aside from yesterday’s outstanding list and the usual include: re-organizing the freezer so you can add something without an avalanche, take down the shade tent outside, finish raking/mowing, cut down the canary pine (been on my list for months!), tidy up the attic, and I’m sure I could easily find another 100 things!

What are you up to today?

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