The agenda

Had  to be out early. Got to the market just after it opened. I found broccoli this morning for .99 a pound! (Bought 5 lbs.)

The juicer attachment for the food processor isn’t where I thought it was? Without it, I can’t make cider. Found it! 11:22 a.m.

Today’s agenda includes the usual: processing books, cleaning, filing, and laundry. But also:

  • Mow the lawn (if it stays dry) 1st run thru 1:11 (needs 2 or 3 in the fall!)
  • Make cider from the end of the apples (if I find the juicer attachment Done! 3:45pm Three large bowls of cut up fruit = 2.5 bottles of juice + pulp.
  • Process the broccoli I bought this morning. I’ll make at least one broccoli/cheese casserole for this week and I may just mix up a batch of the grated cheese and broken bits of broccoli for another casserole and freeze that. 8:51 pm.
  • Return 2 things to the hardware store
  • Use the caulking stuff DH bought around the front window
  • Hang the light
  • Purge the vase collection. Thought I’d done this? No. A collection of vases wound up with the food processor attachments on top of the kitchen cabinets. The collection needs to be weeded down into the saves and outs. I’ve already eliminated 3 vases in the past month or so. I was PROUD of myself — I’d set a SPACE BUDGET for the vases — and stuck to it!    Sigh. [Is this EVER going to end??? I’m so heartily TIRED of add/change/delete and manage stuff!]

Maybe I’ll freeze the pulp? I used to make an apple cake with it, but the kitchen looks like it went through a war and food fight, all at once. In other words, it is a DISASTER AREA! [I did freeze it.] 7:54p

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