I started my day at a church sale on Saturday

and then went to another.

I bought (at the first sale) a chafing dish, a double boiler, a canister set, and a desk organizer. The second sale was all cloth stuff, I bought a rug, 4 napkins, 3 kitchen towels, 3 shirts, and a PJ bottom. Sixteen items total. Everything but the chafing dish from the first batch was intended for resale, 3 items. The 3 kitchen towels were bought for resale as well.

The desk organizer is damaged and apparently arrived that way, so it will just go to the dump, fortunately, it was one of the cheapest things I bought. Of the 16 items, 1 is going to the dump, and 5 are for resale, but the remaining 10 items are staying here, sigh.

I donated a magazine to a library sale. I had 3 books in my hand to donate to the 2nd sale when I discovered it was just cloth stuff. I’ve also given a friend a book, tossed another 2 books, and sold a brass lamp and 3 magazines.

The largest quantity of stuff came from the box of office supplies I found in the living room. These were the store’s misc. office supplies: rubber bands, paperclips, etc. The various bits were added to the other office supplies.


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