Not Exactly Sure

what I’ll do today. It’s a dump day. I’ll take the last load of trash to the dump I wanted to on Sunday. I didn’t take it because we had a party to go to.

A lot of what I did WAS general outdoor cleanup. I have various piles/groups of things around the yard I’ve gathered together over time. Some of these are “put away” but many aren’t, they’re piles of things to be put elsewhere, things on LANDING PADS. So, today I took 2 loads o’ junk to the dump, I did NOT go to the thrift shop (It was close!) and I dealt with a lot of the misc. groups of stuff outside.

The trash pile, mostly emptied due to the dump runs Sunday, is now just as tall as it was Saturday.  The junk wood pile is measurably smaller and the yard looks, (and actually is) a good bit tidier.

I moved bricks from their LANDING PAD to where they’ll go ’round the vegetable garden. I put tools away. I cleaned the trash cans. I swept the path. I hauled “junk” from various places and put it on the dump pile. I took two loads of junk (and 1 load of household trash) to the dump.

I called the antique store: I’ve sold a bunch of books. The folks working these days don’t tell me anything other than I sold books or something else. If I’m lucky they’ll tell me how many, but even that isn’t always true, which is why the sale totals are feast or famine — it’s how I’m getting the data! I do know what my total sales are, in terms of money, but not exactly what books I’ve sold.



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