I thought, “Today is going to be bad” but it wasn’t!

This is what happens when you start a blog in the early morning, and then write on it all day, things change!

Early this morning: DH went to an auction early this a.m., and one of my fave community sales is today too! Not likely that we’ll cull/purge more stuff than we get. We’ll see, he’s on his way home, said he bought one thing.

Later still in the morning: I haven’t gone yet, and by the time I get there, it may all be junk, so I won’t want anything — again, we’ll see!

And this evening: I didn’t go. What I did do was clean out the “porch” in front of our garden shed. Hadn’t been touched (except to have stuff added to it) for probably at least 2 years. It was a mess! DH patched the roof after he came back, so we’re both really tired, but our home is tidier and more secure: both good!

I tossed two rotten pallets, used 2 pieces of wood, found homes for the 3 pieces of the summer sink, the 3 flower pot shelves, used the two big apple crates, tossed the 2 old small ones, found a use for a trunk, put away all the garden stakes, flower pots, and a box of shelf supports, found a home for the 4 shelf standards, and tossed 5 broken flower pots, 4 lg sheets of styrofoam, a plastic cover that’s been here longer than we have, etc. And, of course, I counted! DH has also started contributing as he’s been culling his hardware collection. Our efforts today yielded 166 things to go OUT, and we bought 5. So today was definitely a win!


2 responses to “I thought, “Today is going to be bad” but it wasn’t!

  1. WOO HOO!!! I can actually see your ball rolling (in the right direction) 🙂

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