Today’s tally is NOT wimpy, I did two today!

I actually have done two tallies today. The one before DH and I ran into a neighbor isn’t much to speak of, but I hadn’t done one in a day or so.
When I was in the storage yesterday I found a box of magazines that seemed to belong to a neighbor (Neither he nor I are quite sure how I got them?). I called & left a message; I said I’d take ’em to the dump if he didn’t want them. While taking a walk today, the neighbor was out and said he’d take them — so I came home and ran them right over (after counting them of course)!

There were 76 magazines in that box, and of course the box went too. So that was an easy 77 items OUT. Tonight is our first hard freeze, so I dismantled the veggie garden this afternoon, which generated more outs. I came up with 103 items out of here this afternoon, and since I haven’t gone anywhere since this morning’s tally, there’s nothing coming in. 😀



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