Yesterday, I dealt with food, not stuff

I did process some books, dealt with a box or two in the living room, but didn’t dig into culling stuff in any serious way. I have about a bushel of apples to deal with and several pounds of red peppers.(I made a pickle crock and canned apple butter.) Yesterday’s tally is accordingly wimpy!

Today I need to start another batch of apple butter, roast some peppers (to freeze) and figure out what I’m  cooking for lunch (vegetable soup, probably, the freezer is stuffed.).

If it’s sunny like it was yesterday afternoon, I need to paint the trellis. Hopefully, it will be unrainy long enough for the paint to dry. I have to dismantle the trellis too, preferably before the snow flies.

As usual, I need twice as much time & equipment as I have. I could use 2 crockpots or 3 right now, although the one I have most of the year languishes on the shelf. More than that, I need about a 30 hour day!



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