Okay, the plan for the next 7 days is

to EMPTY the 26 boxes which were shoved to the side of the living room yesterday. Organizing the stuff won’t work, as that just means the same volume o’ stuff, elsewhere. I NEED THE SPACE! So, the contents of the boxes have to go. Most of the boxes contain books, which makes it easy. They either get shelved, and shelved books get removed (tossed, put up for sale, or donated) or they get taken from our lives (tossed/put up for….). So, that’s the next step.

At this point, the goal I set myself of walking across the living room is more important to me than actually purging approx. 4,000 more items in the next 84 days. Going through the boxes will no doubt yield several 100 items to purge. But it isn’t getting rid of the books I’m after, it’s getting rid of enough stuff that I can make my goal for the living room. I want to walk ACROSS my living room before Thanksgiving (end of November). We’ll see if I make it!


2 responses to “Okay, the plan for the next 7 days is

  1. Our Thanksgiving was yesterday 😛 GOOD LUCK!!! You can do it!

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