Last Quarter, 3 months and 3798 items to go

yeah, right. Like I can really get rid of nearly 4,000 pieces in the next 90 days? I suppose it’s possible, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!
September’s last tally is here:



To dump (swap shop): 2 books, sample, 8 casters
To dump (trash): 3 bags yard waste, flashing
To family/friends: 1 book                                                                                             Used: 1 sheet foam insulation, 5 pieces of scrap buble insulation,
2 scraps of drywall
Donated: 5 books, 11 bags
Sold 13 book, 1 oil bottle
Reveal: under new graphics table (partial), the pot stack

Returned: old phone
Found new home/put away: 2 page protectors, 4 pads
To antique store:  (not counted until sold/donated) 1 pkg pillow shams:
Consolidation (a/k/a the Arlo Guthrie school of stuff management.)
craft storage 1
Paper Chase 3


Bought 4 pillow cases, 1 sweat shirt, 1 pkg pillow shams, 2 shirts 5 pairs pants,
1 mug, 2 books, 1 vest


  • old 3789 37.6% remaining 6212 items out
  • new 3739 37.2% remaining 6262 items out

Gee, I’m only 12.2% (or 3798) short of where I should be

I have 90 days to finish this.

Am I nuts???

I filled in another section of the the target (6250 items), I’ll update that and add it at the end of this post.

First I’m off to go update the history and tally sections. I actually have a few things to add/subtract, but have been gone for four days and couldn’t work on this. [I was helping a friend  get their house ready to sell. Think I have a lot of stuff? Not by comparison I don’t!]

Happy Columbus Day weekend if you celebrate. If not, enjoy your weekend in any case!

P.S. As if this wasn’t bad enough?  In updating the history, I found an error, 24 items I counted that I shouldn’t have.  That is reflected above.



4 responses to “Last Quarter, 3 months and 3798 items to go

  1. Keep pressing on. Do you find that the antique store is worth the effort?

    • No, but it’s the only venue I’ve got. We can’t afford to just dump the stuff, and I make some money, not a lot. In many ways, just wholesaling the lot would be better. In this economy, I’m lucky I have dealers who will buy any of it at all, much less in large lots. No one has the sales or money for that these days, certainly not for things, like paperbacks, which are perceived as “worthless.” I take what I can get, and I’m happy for it.

      • Thanks for sharing. I’m always trying to think of ways to help clients make something back on their stuff, so I was wondering if I should try antique shops. I’m glad you’re getting something!

  2. I think it depends on what it is. I’m about ready to send some of my better furniture to auction, as I think I’ll get better money there. For the small stuff, the antique store where I am works, big stuff doesn’t seem to sell well. I’m considering getting a smaller booth just for books and the rest of the stuff in the booth I’ve got, or a “better” antique store. It’s always a crap shoot, you guess, sometimes it’s right, sometimes not.

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