85 days to go, and counting

Okay. Today I worked like mad on the living room. You can walk all the way around it now. My next goal is to just have a living room, but it IS getting there! I have 26 boxes shoved to one side, but you can get to the back wall, which you couldn’t before. (There’s now a U-shaped path around the edges of the room.)

While doing that and taking down the vegetable garden, I of course found some things to pitch, 57 to be exact. I was given a coat and a book earlier this week, so that makes today’s total 55 right now. I haven’t updated the tally yet, but I will.

This makes the current totals as below. I’d already added in the 24, so I need to unedit the edited title of today’s other post. I was going to add it back in, TWICE . . .  I sure don’t need to do that!

  • old 3821 37.9% remaining 6238 items out
  • new 3766 37.4% remaining 6293 items out

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