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Hints & Tips : Selling Books

I was a used bookseller for 20 or so years.  I have various “tips” I will add below which will help you get more money for used books, buy books cheaper, clean books, etc. I assume that most people who work in any profession have these types of tips.

Mine, for getting selling books for more, will be added below. I did another post Hints & Tips: Buying Books, where you’ll find the tips for buying books for less.

[My life is still a construction zone!] Feel free to add your tips below.

Selling books for more money:

  • Put them in a clean box.
  • Clean them off with a clean soft paint brush or soft cloth.
  • Make sure there’s no bugs, anything sharp or alive in with them.
  • DON’T take them to the bookstore in a trash bag or crumbling paper carton.
  • Do some research. If the book store you’re taking your romances to sells only classics or religion, you’ve wasted your time & theirs. If they only have 1 shelf of the type of books you’ve got in the entire store, they either can’t find them (good!) or they don’t want that type of book.
  • Ask, politely: if they’re buying books like yours. . .if they give trade credit. Do they pay more in credit?  If they do, ask if you can buy books just with credit? (Probably not these days.)

I love this idea!

The idea of making a paper chain of things I’m grateful for really appeals. I got the idea from a BHG site. (I am having problems getting the link to work, sorry)

What a wonderful way to see your accumulated blessings! And also a way to use up some of the various bits & pieces of paper, ribbon, and cloth!

If you want to cut/paste the link into your browser, it’s here:

Nothing much

happened today of note.  Last night was long and freaky, the house was making weird noises add that to having PTSD, and if you’re me, you have a sleepless night, or all but.

That made today wading through molasses-like. I went to the dump. I went grocery shopping. I went to a new to me antique store (didn’t buy anything). I went to the supermarket. I went to the bank. I went to a craft store. I put stuff in my antique booth. I met DH and we went to home centers. We came home.
The home repairs are nearly done. I’m exhausted from last night and need to go to bed, and I will — soon!

P.S. I did talk to my favorite cousin, something I don’t do often enough.

Big number!

Because of these factors:

  • We’re still tearing the house apart because of the repairs we’re getting done today & tomorrow
  • The supermarket game I was playing ended
  • It’s fall and what I need to remember about this year’s vegetable garden has already been noted

there’s a VERY large number on today’s tally!

The guys who’re doing the repairs potentially need access through DH’s shop. That meant moving 2 cabinets this morning which of course meant we looked at things we hadn’t seen for a long time and got rid of some. (I’ll do more of this later today too.)

I had an entire bowl of stuff related to the game: game boards, envelopes with sorted game pieces, > 100 game chits I hadn’t separated (they were 1/2 coupon, 1/2 game pieces) I also had a LARGE stack of coupons from these.

Finally, last week I’d written down what I needed to remember from this years’ vegetable garden. There’s no particular reason I need to keep the seed packets from the plants that failed or only did so-so, so those got pitched today too!

I filled a target section in 1 day! Woo hoo!!!! Also, this got me to where I should have been 7/31, so now I’m working on catching up just August and September. I may hate filing or pitching paper, but the numbers sure add up when I do!

What I’ve done today, aside from throw things out: catalog some books to give to the white elephant sale Saturday (See note.), catalog some stuff to go to the antique store today, help DH clean his shop, straighten part of the pantry, do a load of rags, hang those that get hung outside on the rack. Sweep/mop the kitchen floor, unload/reload & start the dishwasher. I’m tired, and it isn’t even 11:30 a.m. yet!

Note: When I went to the market at noon, there was this box that said, “Donate Books Here,” so I did! I need to get more to donate for the white elephant sale!


Today is less structured

but I still have a long list of things to do/maybe do:

  • Laundry/laundry room **
  • Cutting wood pile ***
  • Move garden pot storage
  • Move outdoor trunk *
  • (possible) attic clean up so that boxes from the kitchen can be moved there ***
  • Get the book mailed * in its mailer 10:14 Missed the post office by 5 minutes 9/10, got mailed 9/11 instead
  • Get the 2nd book mailed *
  • Get the presents wrapped & mailed **
  • Clean the car **
  • Get the books & stuff ready to go to the antique store: cataloged/tagged *
  • Get the door to the bedroom so it can be closed*

In other words, it’s a normal day around here! A pretty endless list of chores to do/things to clean and cull and not enough time to do all of them. I prioritized the above list with * being the most urgent and *** being the least.

What I’ve done today includes:

  • Scrub the toilet & tub
  • Unload the dishwasher & put the dishes away

As I get things done, I’ll line through them above and add them to the lower list. It may not be entertaining for you, but it will certainly help me feel like I’m getting something DONE, which is a common problem for me.

Oh! I decided I needed to do a STUFF BUDGET too (at least in certain areas). I can’t see any particular reason why we should need more than 3 times the amount of people here in any one type of durable item.

If there’s 3 of you, why would you need more than 9 dinner plates, for example?

So, I’ve got 2 more bowls and some plates to go into the attic. I debated whether I should sell them or not?

I decided against it. I don’t have a problem with selling extras of the things I use, but the items I use everyday and replacements for breakage — no. Economically, this makes sense, as long as I’m not simply moving the hoard. My china cabinet is not full of my good stuff, that’s been put away for years.  (I should probably sell that!) The china cabinet is full of the diner ware we use daily.

Buying diner ware was itself a way to stop the buying trap. Restaurant dishes break less than cheap china. Until I hit upon solid color diner ware for our every day dishes, we bought whole sets every 3-5 years, breaking and then eventually replacing whatever was left of the old set with a new set. These days we break less, and when we do, I can usually replace it. I can’t remember the last time I bought new dishes? Probably over 10 years ago (at least).

The problem with this, if you’re like me, is that I’ve bought diner ware that fit what I use whenever I found it. So now, instead of buying all new dishes every 3-5 years, I have too much. Answer? A STUFF BUDGET in the kitchen cabinet and a SPACE BUDGET in the attic. I will still end up with dishes to sell, but hopefully this will also stop me feeling like I “need” to buy replacements.


I tossed a bunch of supermarket game pieces and filled another target section with that and all the other culling/cleaning/tossing that’s going on around here!

My To Do List:

  • Discarded wood to the neighbor Done! 1:06 pm
  • about 3 more runs to the dump Did 2 6:23 pm
  • I’d like to move the larger stuff/splitting collection over to the new wood pile. NOT TODAY! 6:23 pm
  • I have to take out the viburnum next to the sun room and wanted the soil wet for that. We cut it back. Taking it out is likely more than I can do without maybe the help of 2 adult males! (They don’t need it taken out anyway. 9/11)
  • The rain will make taking out the remaining day lilies out front and on the north side easier too. Most of these are out, but not all. 12:29p (Job finished 9/10)
  • Panic clean the house NOT TODAY! 6:23 pm
  • Pear coffee cake Yummy, but too sweet!
  • Laundry (I’m seriously nearly out of clean clothes. I wonder why?) 1st load got put in when the coffee cake came out, forgot to note it 1:06
  • Maybe? take out the canary pine I hate NOT TODAY! 6:23 pm
  • New item: find my gloves and the timer I misplaced! Timer on the outside table. Gloves were in the bathroom. DH is a wonder!

We’ll see how well I do?

Not too badly, but not perfect. I can live with that! 6:23 pm

We’re both really tired!

The predicted rain just started. Tomorrow? Tomorrow I have another full agenda.

Here’s what’s left to do:

  • load of discarded wood to get to the neighbor
  • about 3 more runs to the dump
  • I’d like to move the larger stuff/splitting collection over to the new wood pile.
  • I have to take out the viburnum next to the sun room and wanted the soil wet for that.
  • The rain will make taking out the remaining day lilies out front and on the north side easier too.
  • Panic clean the house.

I can’t actually do the last one, although I’d like to!

I may just call a charity to come and pick up a lot of stuff Monday; we’ll see? 

DH left the hatch between our basement and pantry open. There have been critters I could hear under the kitchen. One of the big problem areas is right under our kitchen window. There’s a big hole in the sill there.

I am completely creeped out by the idea that whatever critters (mice?) from the basement had access to my house/pantry for a long while today.

I CAN’T clean/purge stuff any faster . . .

and I may just have to? [I got rid of > 100 books yesterday, again. Updated the tally today. I’ve filled another section of the target, etc. I have been working HARD dammit! This is hard enough without adding panic-causing stuff like creatures to the mix.

I cannot live with a house infested with who knows what. God! I may be a hoarder but I am NOT content to live in unsanitary conditions. Stuff doesn’t bother me. CREATURES DO.


Will someone please find my hyper-drive? It looks like I’m going to need it!!!