What Would You Do?

What Would you Do?

There’s a survey consumer data gathering site, which shall remain nameless. I signed up or started to but after they asked for my personal info, they asked for that of the other people in my household. Okay, I get that.

But it wasn’t a secure site, or at least it wasn’t an “https” site. So, I bailed and sent their customer service person an email (If you have any questions .. . .) that asked the question, “Is there a secure way I can sign up?”

I got back a cut/paste of their privacy Ts & Cs.

That’s wonderful, but it didn’t answer my question. So I sent an email yesterday back to the same person, pointing out that she hadn’t answered my question, and I still wanted to know if there was a secure way to sign up?

I got back a form letter thanking me for my input.

At which point I decided the person I was corresponding to was 1) a moron 2)fictional 3)trying to do way to many tasks or 4)technically unable to answer the question.

I am loathe to send yet another letter, but I’m tempted to research and find the woman’s manager and send them the stream of emails. At this point, an honest “I don’t know” would have been better. I went from interested to annoyed (initial letter/response) from annoyed to almost mad. It still isn’t worth my time to actually get mad, but I DO have better things to do than play multiple choice with this woman until I get my question answered.

So, what would you do?



3 responses to “What Would You Do?

  1. We’ve all been dealing with honest brokers and thieves our whole lives. I’d say trust your gut. If they don’t feel like honest brokers early in your transaction, head for the hills.

    If you aren’t sure and need a decision tree, ask yourself just how important is the product or service to you. If you decide you need it, ask yourself if you need THAT particular site or are there competitors who do offer the same product or service AND secure sign up. Finally, go with the site you feel most comfortable with.

    There is a gigantic business in acquiring and selling customer contact information. Before the Interwebs, there used to be free raffle tickets “Just Enter To Win!” by cash registers at markets, etc., to gather your personal info. I never heard of anyone ever winning anything. Another is free catalogs or free health info brochures… anything to get your mailing address & phone number.

    Many sites nowadays offer some “flimsy” pretext for you to sign up, like the “Get Money For Your Opinions” sites that give you pennies and sell your info for big bucks. Same thing with some facebook, for example, game apps… it all about getting your and your friends’ contact info. I’m also thinking about these white/yellow pages sites that sell you info about other people while they gather yours to sell to the next person.

    So, to sum up, do you really want/need that product and is that the site you really want to trust your personal info to just to get it?

    For what it’s worth…

  2. No, I don’t need what they provide, it was a way to make a few pennies, something that would perhaps help the bottom line. (Given all the recent disasters, you can see why.) I used to do customer service. This isn’t. Even if she just doesn’t “get” the question, they should have a corporate procedure for people asking questions that are over her head.

    Ah, wtf. The corporations aren’t interested in customers/customer service these days, they’ve been turned into milch cows to rob our economy of whatever the barons can get, again.

  3. In my opinion, I wouldn’t waste my time. I’m sure you have better things to do 🙂

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