More money saving, just in time to fix __________

To save money, spend less.  Do this by using cheaper substitutes, doing without, or getting an item cheaper. I wrote a previous blog that talked about these ideas.

Here’s what I’ve done lately to cut our expenses.

  • Diluted the laundry and dish soaps.
  • Stayed home.
  • Went through the house earmarking things to sell.
  • Transformed the drippings, onions & some meat from a roasted lemon chicken into lemon chicken soup with egg & rice.
  • I put aside the bones & skin from the picked chicken for the stock bag.
  • Bought 5 packages of cookies and 4 pieces of cake for .50 each at a bake sale and froze them. I can’t make baked goods for these prices, from scratch or a mix. Everybody wins: I get HM baked goods, the charity sells a lot of goods, likely donated, and I spent way less. (I ate 1 pkg of the cookies the other day, they were great.)
  • We’re using part of the stored wood stash on the new entry & walkway project.
  • I’ve been making more of our bread. (I need to make ALL of it!)
  • I harvested dill, lettuce, and raab seeds today. I’ll either use them to grow food indoors this winter or plant them out next spring.

What didn’t work? Our furnace needs to be serviced, sigh. Our bed broke last night. (DH fixed it.) The washing machine is still occasionally making loud THUMP noises, we’re not sure why? It feels as if everything is breaking, at once.

Our slide in, one-piece stove/oven we bought when we moved here. It was long ago enough that parts are no longer available. I want a stove top and wall ovens when we redo the kitchen. And, of course, being me, the stove top I want is an order-only item, and pricey, sigh. That’s a long-term “save for it” thing. Meanwhile, we might buy something else as a fill in piece. Not this month. God knows we can’t afford anything else this month!



4 responses to “More money saving, just in time to fix __________

  1. What a stellar idea. The next chicken I roast will be with the intent to make soup out of the drippings. And freshly roasted wing and drumstick meat could be added to the soup… since we just snack on those bits the next day… often in chicken salad sandwiches or on fresh green salad beds, for example.

    By preparing and cooking the soup ingredients before hand, all except for the hot drippings and meat, might it be possible to serve the soup with the chicken in the same meal? Is that feasible, in your opinion? Would that make the soup preparation too rushed (we let the chicken rest 10+ minutes before carving)? Or is the soup made some other day? What do you do?

    (Of course, my dogs usually get those drippings and skin in their food the next day… so I’ll have to negotiate with them 😉

    • I cooked the chicken with lemon juice on it, a slice of lemon IN it and made lemon sauce separately. The lemon sauce probably should have gone into the soup (maybe tonight?) but didn’t. I almost always take the carcass, whatever leftover bits, the bones and dripping, just cover with water, then cook ’em in the crock for a while, until it looks right. The soup had 1/3Crice, 3 eggs, 2T flour, the juice of 1 lemon, some Better than bullion, since the recipe called for buillion cubes and the stock from the chicken was wan. I modified a recipe on for lemon chicken soup with egg and rice (or some such).

  2. Although I’m all for saving money, we try not to cut too many corners. For example, we bought cheaper sheets for our bed, but they ripped pretty quickly. We try to buy what we need, but when we need it, we try to buy quality items. Kind of a “middle of the road” approach 🙂

    Hope things have gotten smoother since!

    • I agree about buying quality, but I usually buy such things used. I got 4 pillow cases today, $1. They’re 130 ct muslin. If they last a year at that price, I’m happy, but I expect they’ll last a lot longer than that. I didn’t “need” pillow cases except that I found (somewhere?) an idea about packaging your bed linen in them. Out of season bedding is one of those things that has no “good” home. It has several homes, it just never gets there. I’m hoping that having a “set” all in one place will help!

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